July 15, 2014

Real, Wild & Woody Beer List Released

Wait, this isn't the Real, Wild & Wooly fest?
Are you ready to keep it real this weekend, Arizona? Hope you snagged your tickets to the inaugural Real, Wild & Woody beer festival put on by the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. Because they kind of sold out. But you were warned many times, so snoozers really are losers this time around.

For those attending, you'll get a hand-blown commemorative glass and 20 tastings of specialty cask and barrel-aged beers. Most participating breweries are local, but look for something special from Firestone Walker, New Belgium and Epic. Below is a list, but look for more specialty beers at the fest. Beers being poured from 2-6 p.m. at Tempe Center for the Arts.

Arizona Wilderness
-DOS: double IPA with mangoes added to cask
-Woolsey the Wild: sour wit beer aged in Russian River Sonambic barrels and fermented with local wild Brettanomyces yeast and 100 lbs of AZ oranges
-Old Brood: New Brood Belgian quad Braggot aged in red wine barrels. Collaboration with Superstition Meadery.

Barrio Brewing
-Vanilla Bean Cask Porter
-Barrio Blanco-Chai Tea: Simcoe dry-hopped white IPA cask
-NCAAle: whiskey barrel-aged strong ale
-Dark sour beer blended with raspberries

BJ's Brewery & Restaurant
-Woody Scottsman: Scotch ale aged in whiskey barrels
-Jeremiah Red cask
-Hopstorm IPA cask

Borderlands Brewing 
-Citrana Sour: lemon-forward Gose with sea salt and corriander
-Flemish red

Cartel Brewing
-Firkin Birch: birch-aged pale ale firkin
-Cupid's Delight: amber rye ale aged on cherry wood with cherries added
-O.C.P. (Oak Coffee Porter): porter aged on oak with whole bean coffee added

College Street Brewhouse & Pub
-Fraternity of Hops 1: West Coast-style IPA pulled before end of fermentation and allowed to finish and age in a firkin
-Fraternity of Hops 2: Same IPA aged on American oak spirals soaked in tequila

Desert Eagle Brewing
-Black Sugar: barrel-aged Russian imperial stout
-Red Mountain Ale: casked amber dry-hopped with Amarillo 

Dragoon Brewing
-Saison Blue: farmhouse-style ale aged 11 months in tequila barrels
-Scout Porter: smoked porter aged 12 months in rye whiskey barrels
-Another TBD beer

Epic Brewing
-Hopulent IPA firkin
-Elder Brett: Brettanomyces-infused saison aged in wine barrels

Fate Brewing
-Puffs Imperial Coffee Milk Porter: cask-conditioned with Cocoa Puffs cereal
-Pebbles Session IPA: cask-conditioned with Fruity Pebbles cereal

-Into the Wild Sour Stout: collaboration with 1055 Brewing 
-Berlemoner: light, crisp, slightly tart berlinerweisse
-Cedar-Aged Pale Ale
-Breakfast for Dinner: barrel-aged porter with glazed donuts and Cartel coffee

Firestone Walker Brewing 
-Stickee Monkee: Central Coast quad aged in bourbon barrels
-Lil Opal: saison farmhouse ale barrel-aged and spiked with Brett and Lacto yeast

Four Peaks Brewing 
-Sirius Black: barrel-aged Russian imperial stout 
-Tequila Raj: English-style IPA aged in tequila barrels
-Sour peach cask ale

Grand Canyon Brewing 
-Shaggy Bock: traditional bock conditioned in fermenter with toasted oak

Granite Mountain Brewing
-Double English brown ale aged on U.S. oak. Collaboration with Lonesome Valley.

Huss Brewing
-Southern Hussy: peach ale aged in bourbon barrels
-BA Snowbird: imperial oatmeal stout aged in bourbon barrels
-BA That'll Do: barrel-aged IPA

Lumberyard Brewing
-Fireside Imperial Red aged in bourbon barrels
-Black IPA firkin

Mother Road Brewing 
-Wooden Spoke 3: bourbon barrel-aged Lost Highway black IPA
-Gold Road: Kolsch-style brew aged in Heaven's Hills barrels with Brettanomyces yeast and pear puree
-Roadside: dry-hopped pale ale cask

Mudshark Brewing 
-2014: Scotch ale aged in Jack Daniels barrels
-La Travail: saison aged on oak with orange, lemon peel and grains of paradise
-Frausboise Requin: raspberry lambic
-Shark Funk: barrel-aged old bruin

New Belgium Brewery
-Paardebloem: wood-aged ale brewed with peach juice, grains of paradise and dandelion greens. Collaboration with Red Rock Brewery.
-Wild Wild Dubbel: dubbel-style beer brewed with Schisandra berries
-Love Oscar: Oscar is the base beer for La Folie
-Biere de Peach: Biere de Mars aged in Leopold Brothers Peach Whiskey barrel with Brett and lemon peel

North Mountain
-N.I.B.: Russian imperial stout brewed with maple syrup

OHSO Brewery 
-Praying Monk Belgian-style quadrupel
-OHSO Hoppy: dry-hopped IPA
-Oaked Barleywine: malty, hoppy and smash-aged in a whiskey barrel
-Oaked Saison

Old World Brewery
-Whiskey Sour: Scotch ale aged in bourbon barrel. Tartness comes from 2nd run in barrel.
-Yard Dog 1: House porter soured and dry-hopped
-Yard Dog 2: House porter soured and aged in red wine barrel
-4 Leaf Irish Red aged in red wine barrel

Papago Brewing 
-Papago Park: barrel-aged pale ale
-Otis: barrel-aged milk stout

Peoria Artisan Brewery
-Artisan Arsonist: smoked and oaked red ale

SanTan Brewing
-Saison di Aleatico aged on oak
-Barrel-aged saison vs. Cabernet Franc
-Beer Gone Wild (no further info)

Sonoran Brewing 
-White Chocolate

Sun Up Brewing 

The Beer Research Institute

The Perch
-Rosemary IPA cask
-Very Cherry fruit ale cask

Thunder Canyon Brewing 
-Continuously hopped cask IPA
-Belgian Brick: barrel-aged Belgian-style pale ale
-Buckmaster: barrel-aged brown ale
-Good Vibe: barrel-aged sour IPA

Wanderlust Brewing       
-928 Local: Belgian farmhouse ale brewed with local wild yeast and honey
-Ostro: sour saison brewed with Lactobacillus yeast
-Farmhouse Rouge: Wine barrel-aged dark saison
-Pan American stout cask: coffee stout aged in the cask with whole vanilla beans

June 13, 2014

Meet the AZ Brewers, A-Z: Huss Brewing

Up next in our A-Z series is another newcomer to the Arizona beer scene, Huss Brewing. Nestled in the old Rio Salado Brewing location on the Tempe / Guadalupe border, Huss’ tasting room has a clean, homey feel wrapped in a warm, inviting setting. In fact, Jeff did a lot of the renovation work himself and was only electrocuted once. But the key to this brewery is the surprisingly large production space — more on that later. Let’s meet the man behind the brew kettle.

Affectionally known as Ginger for his red-hued ‘do, Jeff Huss began to homebrew during his college days as a Purdue Boilermaker (coincidence?). He went on to hone his beer know-how at the Siebel Institute ofTechnology in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich. After filling his head with the technical intricacies of brewing, Huss moved to our great state and started putting all that wisdom to work at BJ’s Brewhouse in Chandler. Jeff held the position of head brewer for seven years, working with and learning from one of AZ’s best brewers, Derek “Doc” Osborne. Huss sums up the life of a brewer in one too-true line: “You spend 10 minutes in the morning making a mess and the rest of the day cleaning it.” I think most brewers will wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.

As for Huss Brewing, Jeff isn’t the only cog in the machine that keeps things chugging along. His wife, Leah, is not only the brains behind the business end of things but, according to Jeff, is the real beer geek of the family. She’s part-owner of Papago Brewing and has been an integral part of their success for years. And speaking of Papago, did you know that Huss brews Papago’s Orange Blossom, Coconut Joe and Hopago in addition to all of Huss’ house brands? Guess that’s why they use a 30-barrel system, which, for those not in-the-know, is quite huge for a start-up brewery.

But a 30-barrel system apparently isn’t enough. Remember that large production space I mentioned? There’s room to grow. A lot of room. Here's a rundown of major Huss happenings.
  • Huss recently announced a distributing partnership with major craft player Crescent Crown, which means you’ll see more Huss beers and events around town.
  • They plan to put in a canning line this summer. Beers likely to be canned include the aforementioned Papago beers, as well as Huss IPA, Scottsdale Blonde and Magic In The Ivy.
  • The production capacity will double in a few months to accommodate the canning line and overall demand.
  • Huss recently obtained the suite next door, which will house a huge 50,000-lb. silo. For reference, this is the same-size silo Four Peaks and San Tan use.
  • More barrel-aged offerings, which will include both Huss and Papago beers. Huss Snowbird Imperial Oatmeal Stout and IPA are two that are receiving the barrel treatment.
Phew, talk about a full plate your first year being in business. And this is only the beginning for Jeff and Leah. If they’re this busy now, there’s no telling what lies ahead. Perhaps a beer infused with ginger…

May 17, 2014

Your Complete AmeriCAN Beer List

Today's the day. It's finally time to take it in the can. 80 breweries. Over 250 canned craft beers. Six food trucks. The AmeriCAN Canned Craft Beer Festival will go down at the Scottsdale Civic Center today from noon to 6 p.m. — noon for VIP, 1 p.m. for GA. Plan your day accordingly with this handy list of participating breweries and beers being poured. 

New Breweries for 2014
Alaskan Brewing
·         Alaskan Amber
·         Alaskan Freeride APA
Angry Orchard
·         Crisp Apple
·         Ginger
Armadillo Ale Works
·         Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale
·         Pale Ale
·         Pilsner
·         Ellie’s Brown Ale
·         White Rascal
·         Joe’s Pilsner
·         IPA
Ballast Point
·         Sculpin IPA
·         Longfin Lager
·         Big Eye IPA
·         Blonde
·         Rojo
·         Blanco
·         Oberon Ale
·         Two Hearted Ale
Black Market
·         Hefeweizen
·         Aftermath Pale Ale
·         Rye IPA
Black Tooth
·         Bomber Mountain Amber
·         Saddle Bronc Brown
·         Indian Paintbrush Ale
·         Wagon Box Wheat
Cedar Creek
·         Lawn Ranger
·         Scruffy’s
·         Dankosaurus
Deep Ellum
·         IPA
·         Pale Ale
·         Double Brown Stout
·         Dreamcrusher
·         Dallas Blonde
·         Abbey’s Single
·         Hoperation Overload
Dog Tag
·         Lager
·         IPA
·         Escape to Colorado IPA
·         Hop Syndrome Pils Lager
·         All Day IPA
Griffin Claw
·         Norm’s Raggedy Ass IPA
·         El Rojo Red Ale
·         Grind Line Pale Ale
·         Grand Trunk Bohemian Pilsner
·         Stout
·         Black Lager
·         Red Stripe
Hangar 24
·         Orange Wheat
·         Helles Lager
Hops & Grains
·         Pale Dog
·         ALT-eration
·         The One They Call Zoe
·         Greenhouse IPS
Johnny Appleseed Cider
·         Hard Apple Cider
Mike Hess
·         Grazias
·         Habitus
·         Claritas
·         Jucundus
·         Solis IPA
·         Cardinal Pale Ale
·         IPA
·         EOS Hefeweizen
·         Brunette Nut Brown Ale
Redstone Meadery
·         Nectar of the Hops
·         Sunshine Black Raspberry
·         American Amber
Twisted Tea
·         Original
·         Lemonade
Uncharted Cider
·         Smith & Forge Hard Cider
·         Belgian Style Pale Ale
Utah Brewers Cooperative
·         Wasatch Apricot Wheat
·         Squatters Hop Rising
·         Squatters Full Suspension Pale Ale
·         Wasatch Ghostrider IPA
Wild Cider
·         Apple
·         Pineapple
·         Berry

Returning Breweries
21st Amendment
·         Brew Free! Or Die
·         Back in Black
·         Bitter American
·         Hell or High Watermelon
·         Sneak Attack Saison
·         Monk’s Blood
·         Amber
·         Purple Haze
·         Jockoma IPA
Anderson Valley
·         Hop Ottin’ IPA
·         Boont Amber Ale
·         Summer Solstice
Austin Beerworks
·         Black Thunder
·         Fire Eagle
·         Peacemaker
·         Pearl Snap
·         Heavy Machinery Half IPA
·         Heavy Machinery Double IPA
Big Sky
·         Moose Drool
·         Summer Honey
·         Scape Goat
·         Trout Slayer
·         IPA
Blue Moon
·         Belgian White
·         Summer Honey Wheat
·         Agave Blonde Ale
·         1842 Czech Pilsner
·         Viennese Amber Lager
·         Cherny Bock
Boulder Beer
·         Hazed & Infused
·         Lucky U IPA
·         SummerBright Ale
·         Avalanche
·         Agave Wheat
DC Brau
·         Public Pale Ale
·         Corruption India Ale
·         On the Wings of Armageddon
·         Penn Quarter Porter
·         El Hefe Speaks
·         The Tradition
Fort George
·         1811 Lager
·         Quick Wit
·         Suicide Squeeze
·         Vortex IPA
Four Peaks
·         Hop Knot
·         Kilt Lifter
·         Sunbru
·         Peach Ale
·         8th Street Ale
·         Descender IPA
·         Sweet As Pacific Ale
Goose Island
·         312 Urban Wheat
·         312 Urban Pale Ale
Grand Canyon
·         White Water Wheat
·         American Pilsner
·         Black Iron IPA
·         Sunset Amber Ale
Joseph James
·         Ho Box Imperial India Pale Ale
·         American Lager
·         Fox Tail Gluten Free Pale Ale
·         Longboard Lager
·         Summer Shandy
·         Orange Shandy
·         Lemon Berry Shandy
·         IPA
·         Red Ale
·         Knotty Pine Pale Ale
·         Pilsner
·         IPA
·         Bikini Blonde Lager
·         Big Swell IPA
·         Mana Wheat
·         CocoNut PorTer
·         Lahaina Town Brown
·         Full Moon Belgian White Ale
·         Desert Magic IPA
·         Up River Light
New Belgium
·         Fat Tire
·         Ranger
·         Snapshot
·         Shift
·         Blonde Ale
·         Brown Ale
·         Hopitoulas
·         Mechahopzilla
·         Irish Channel Stout
Oskar Blues
·         Dale’s Pale Ale
·         Mama’s Little Yella Pils
·         Old Chub Scotch Ale
·         Deviant Dale’s IPA
·         G’Knight Imperial Red IPA
·         Gubna Imperial IPA
·         Ponderosa IPA
·         Liquid Amber Ale
·         Longhammer IPA
Sam Adams
·         Boston Lager
·         Summer Ale
Santa Fe
·         Happy Camper IPA
·         Imperial Java Stout
·         Irish Red Ale
·         Freestyle Pilsner
·         Black IPA
·         Devil’s Ale
·         HopShock IPA
·         Hefeweizen
·         Mr. Pineapple
·         SunSpot Gold
Shock Top
·         Belgium White
·         Honeycrisp Apple Wheat
·         Lemon Shandy
Sierra Nevada
·         Pale Ale
·         Torpedo
·         Summerfest
·         Modus Hoperandi
·         Mexican Logger
·         ESB
·         True Blonde
Snake River
·         Pale Ale
·         Pako’s Eye-P-A
·         Zonker Stout
·         Lager
·         OB-1
·         Monarch Pilsner
Sun King
·         Sunlight Cream Ale
·         Wee Mac Scottish Ale
·         Osiris Pale Ale
·         Fistful of Hops
·         Ring of Dingle
·         Indian’s Lager
TailGate Beer
·         Blacktop Blonde
·         Buffalo Sweat
·         Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat
·         8-Bit Pale Ale
·         Ethos IPA
·         Velvet Rooster
Two Brothers
·         Dog Days
·         SideKick
·         Outlaw
·         Hop Nosh IPA
·         Wyld Pale Ale
·         Ba Ba Black Lager
·         TBD
·         Amber